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Self Confessed Shopaholic && Singer
11 January 2009 @ 08:13 pm

I'm so happy!!! =) Congrats to the others who got in as well!!

I PASSED UST too! =)

What a good weekend!!!!=)

OK, Now I have a college!:)

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Self Confessed Shopaholic && Singer
06 January 2009 @ 10:16 pm
I realized I never got to blog about my christmas and new year's!
Well basically it was all about family so I got to spend a good amount of time with them :) Both Dad's and Mum's side.
My mum, stepdad, brother, sister, and I all went to Singapore on the 29th of December until the 2nd of this year to celebrate, well, New year's!! 

May I say, I LOVE SINGAPORE, It's one of the NICEST countries I've ever been. The city is fabulous and the shopping was great! What's funny was it seemed like almost everyone there (the chinese or singaporean?) had LV bags; I was talking about the girls.

It's just amazing that I want to go back! Two of my favorite stores in the world are there: SEPHORA and FOREVER 21!!!! :>

But anyway, it's back to boring old catholic school again. Ha ha ha.
This week has been uneventful except for the fact that my triad got a pretty decent and well deserved (for our hardwork) score for the First Draft that we did last quarter!!

I'm just filling y'all in with the recent details of my life.
Anyway, I am very excited for my dear friend Yela's debut (18th) soon. I'll be singing in two sets of her program; the disney medley and the acoustic one. I have rehearsals everyday of this weekend, so I'm pretty much booked.

Results are making me anxious, so I'm just here taking this week one day at a time before the big day.

Hope everyone had a good start with their new year!

The new ep of GG is amazing, as usual!
I've recently been a BIG fan of 30 Rock. Pretty fun stuff if you ask me! Tina Fey is amazing!

I got my E63!! It's red!! It's hot:)
Love it :)

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Self Confessed Shopaholic && Singer
23 December 2008 @ 10:25 pm
OK, finally I am T H I S close to utilizing my own room. If I haven't laid out the details, the new attic upstairs was going to be my new room but because of so many delays and problems, my step dad decided that I take my brother's room and my brother would take the new attic as his room. So far so good. There's not much in my room except the drapes and my new desk and "office" chair.

But anyway, I am VERY GLAD that it's break season :) The last weekend was simply terrible and I don't want to experience that ever again. Weird enough, I am not feeling the holiday spirit this year, maybe because Ateneo results are out on the 5th, and I'm scared to death for the results. (Please don't comment about it here) But seriously, I am not excited or anything. It seems I have most of what I want right now. It's just the love department that's been running empty but who am I to complain, huh? :)

On a lighter note, my family and I are going to Singapore to end the year with a BANG. I'm excited for that; at least something ELSE to look forward to. Likewise, I've made a deal with mum regarding the new Nokia E63, and hopefully, if I'm able to find one in Greenhills or something, I can buy it ASAP. :D YEYEYEYEYEY.

So here's a list of things I am excited for in the next few months:

1. Singapore trip
2. Nokia e63!!!!
3. My friend's BIG debut (I'm singing!) 
5. being able to use my room :D

Haha, how random can I get?

Last Friday was my dear friend's 17th birthday party. It wasn't really a BIG party, it was just a small gathering of friends at her house. It was OK I guess. Her ex (who is a good friend of mine and my other bffs too) came!! I found out that he only came because I made him to (he wasn't really planning to go). I mean my friend(bday girl) already has a new boyfriend so the ex would feel VERY AWKWARD. And did he feel awkward. Haha! But good thing Javee, Martha and I were there to converse with him. We all miss him! I miss him a lot!! The last time I saw him was my despedida party (for the states) and that was like more than a year ago! So it was good clean fun. =)

Have a HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone! Kisses.

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Self Confessed Shopaholic && Singer
10 December 2008 @ 10:31 pm
This week is about to end but I don't want to yet. We just finished the last ARPS of the quarter, and dang, we are on to doing our First Draft for English. I'm afraid my groupmates would be incompetent to do their tasks without my help. Why do I always see the worst in these people? Well maybe because they've shown their inadequacy when it comes to groupworks like ARPS. :| HAYY NAKO.

I seriously need to relax and unwind for at least 2 weeks (Hello Christmas break!). The no classes thing these past few mondays were okay, but you know, there's always some annoying homework or quiz we always think about during the long weekend. It's like school work never ends! Ha ha. So I was very glad my sister and I didn't go to school yesterday. US Embassy called us last friday for an interview (yesterday) for our Passport Renewal which is good for 10 years. So to think I'm going to be 27 when I have another renewal! Yikes. I told my mom and sister, "I have to get laid at 28!" Ha ha ha! =)

We went to SM to do additional christmas shopping and look for drawers/closets/pretty dressers with hutches for my new room, to no avail. :( Boo, I found this VERY CUTE White dresser with hutch at Simple Joys. It was 35 grand; for a dresser?? Uh no way. :| But anyway we went to Eastwood after to watch Quarantine!! It's corny so to speak, but I recommend you watch it with your barkada 'cause you'll keep on shouting till the end. Well I did anyway, I even got tired of screaming and closing my eyes. Ha ha ha. It's been awhile since I watched a scary/thriller movie. We checked out PRP after, I tried on this dress but it looked A LOT nicer on the mannequin than me. :| Hahahahaha! How odd!

Speaking of shopping, I went to Rockwell just this Sunday with Ian to go gift shopping. We were pretty productive. I got gifts for 2 people for TGWH. I was supposed to get a tumblr for the other one but Starbucks didn't have stock for it. Thinking about it now, 2 gifts aren't productive. Albeit at the end of the day, I got myself a Smashbox lipgloss (with the help of this salesgirl at Beauty Bar) and a cute shoulder-bag from Dorothy Perkins (which I found on the Topshop side of the store--you know how Topshop and Dorothy Perkins share one store). We ate at Pazzo(my 2nd fave Italian resto), the bill was 1 grand which was a lot for only us two. Haha. Yikes! But he paid for it anyway and he gave me the go signal to choose whatever resto I wanted, besides I asked him twice if it was okay for him, because I knew Pazzo was pretty pricey.

My stories here are out of order but bear with me please. Ha ha. The next day, my fam and I sans Ally went to High Street. Did a bit of gift shopping here and there too. I got the tumbler for my friend (finally!) and I got myself a Face Shop mascara which is totally neat. :) I really needed a mascara these days to brighten up my eyelashes.

Enough shopping talk. I'm really beat and I need to sleep. :)
Ciao! =)

I watched the recent ep of Gossip Girl awhile ago, it was pretty solemn, sincere and sweet! I wouldn't dare spoil it for anyone, just watch it! =)

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Self Confessed Shopaholic && Singer
06 December 2008 @ 11:14 pm
Geez, today has been a blah day for me. Do take note, I actually went shopping and this day still ended on a blah note. Weird. I blame Trinoma and its crowd. Seriously, I got pissed at the crowd for walking TOO SLOW (for me--- I got used to how FAST Americans walk), and just downright.... Ha ha. Imma stop bashing. But really AYALA? I love the Ayala corporation for its beautiful lands(?) and malls, but putting it in North Edsa was wrong! :| 

But anyway, I'm kinda content for now (but still waiting for my E63) about the things I got today. I got bangles from Tomato, cute sandals from VNC, a white top and skinny jeans from Topshop (topshop jeans are $$$$$). I JUST MIGHT wear the skinnies tomorrow for my "hang" with Ian.
So after Trinoma, I got dropped off at Aura because I was getting a mani and pedi which is one of my favorite things =) Should I even call it a thing? Ha ha! Next to having my hair blow-dried and styled, I loooove getting my nails done!

So I cannot wait to drive auto after learning manual for 10 (not straight) hours. I've been thinking about driving all day and even dreamt about it last night!! Hahahaha :))

For your viewing pleasure, Britney's new song, Circus! (they won't let me embed!)

P.S. I'm all alone (except for my yaya) at our house. I seriously hate being a bum! Haha BOO!
I cannot wait for my 2-week break from school + Nokia E63!!!!

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